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21,300 Acres of A.T. Landscape Permanently Protected

March 17, 2022

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Helps Advance Permanent Protection of 21,300 Acres in Maine

ANDOVER, Maine (March 17, 2022) – The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) is pleased to announce the permanent protection of 21,300 acres of land in Grafton Forest in Maine. This landscape conservation success will ensure permanently conserved access to the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) and protect the A.T.’s scenic beauty that draws more than 3 million annual visitors from across the globe.

The Grafton Forest Conservation Project is led by the Forest Society of Maine and Northeast Wilderness Trust, with the ATC providing essential funding to help make this project possible. Grafton Forest is adjacent to the A.T. and serves as a link between conserved lands in Maine and New Hampshire, creating a conservation corridor that facilitates natural resource and habitat protection. A map of the conservation area and its relation to the A.T. is located below this release.

“We are proud that the ATC was able to contribute $217,000 from our Wild East Action Fund to this $10.7 million project,” said Sandra Marra, President and CEO of the ATC. “Every dollar we gave came directly from ATC’s donors. We hope they are proud to see the impact of their generosity.”

The conservation of Grafton Forest will provide additional recreational access to the A.T. and help protect panoramic views from the Trail. Photo by Harry White.

The Grafton Forest Conservation Project is an example of the ATC’s goal to advance the largest landscape conservation initiative in the eastern United States. To accomplish this, the ATC and the National Park Service co-convene the A.T. Landscape Partnership, a group of over 100 conservation partners, including the Forest Society of Maine and Northeast Wilderness Trust, dedicated to increasing the pace and scale of landscape conservation across the A.T. and the surrounding landscape.

An essential part of this partnership is the ATC’s Wild East Action Fund, which provides grants to conservation partners to assist in land protection. Established in 2018, the Fund has awarded almost $2 million to aid in the protection of more than 80,000 acres across 14 states. The Fund is made possible through the generosity of ATC donors. For more information about how to contribute to this fund and to learn about funded projects, visit

About the Appalachian Trail Conservancy
The ATC was founded in 1925 by volunteers and federal officials working to build a continuous footpath along the Appalachian Mountains. A unit of the National Park System, the A.T. ranges from Maine to Georgia and is 2,194.3 miles in length. It is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world. The mission of the ATC is to protect, manage, and advocate for the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. For more information, please visit

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Map courtesy of the Forest Society of Maine. Click here to view a larger version.