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Partners in A.T. and Volunteer Management

A Cooperative Approach to Managing the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy ATC, the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, state agencies, and private organizations known as “Appalachian Trail (A.T.) Maintaining Clubs,” work cooperatively to manage and care for the treadway, area natural resources, and to preserve the scenic beauty that people expect from the A.T. experience.

A.T. partners share the responsibility of the management of the Trail through the Cooperative Management System. This system works through local partner communication, support, and decision-making. Local Management Plans define responsibilities and are useful for planning the work.

Areas of Focus for A.T. Partners

The resources below are for A.T. Maintaining Clubs and aim to centrally locate all the management resources, trainings, and policies that guide the management of the Trail.

Managing the A.T.

Volunteers for the A.T.

An engaged volunteer corps is the cornerstone to the future of the Appalachian Trail. Learn about resources for recruiting, training, supporting, and recognizing A.T. volunteers. Find trainings to support your club's volunteer coordinator.

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Managing the A.T.

Trail and Facilities

The continuity of the A.T. exists due to the management direction developed by the ATC and its partners. Learn standards for treadway maintenance, overnight facilities, and visitor use management. Find resources necessary to plan, propose, and carry out Trail projects.

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Managing the A.T.

Land and Resource Management

Explore policies that guide A.T. Cooperative Management partners in managing natural resources, protecting surrounding lands, considering cultural resources, and responding to non-hiking recreational uses.

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Maintaining and Monitoring the Trail

Corridor Stewardship

The sensitive terrain on and surrounding the Trail is subject to misuse and abuse unless consistent attention is maintained. Find resources on the caring for the corridor that hosts the A.T.

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