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Day Hiking


Learning about day hikes on the A.T.

A day hike on the Appalachian Trail can be a vigorous hike to an amazing destination or a wonder-filled nature walk. It can be easy or challenging. Here are things to consider and a variety of approaches.

The Basics


How do I find great day hikes?

Learn what resources can help you find the perfect hike, from websites and apps to books and maps.

Find a hike


When is a good time to go?

Find out what season, time of day, and day of the week are best for hiking the A.T.

When to go


Preparing for your A.T. hike

What you need to know before hitting the Trail, including the gear to bring.

Day hike preparation


Getting to the Trail

See all 200+ parking locations along the entire A.T. on the ATC interactive map, and find transportation options for getting to the Trail.

Interactive Map

Transportation Options


On the hike

How to navigate the A.T. and stay safe and healthy on your next adventure.

Hiking Tips