Photo Upload Policy

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) reserves the right to deny the publication of any photo on the ATC website, including the 2,000-miler page.

Any submitted photo must adhere to the following criteria: 

  • Does not include vulgar language, nudity, political statements, violence, prejudice, alcohol consumption, or other vulgar/inappropriate content. 
  • All individuals in the photo must have given their consent to its posting. 
  • No photos of minors will be posted without the consent of a parent or guardian.  
  • Does not violate the copyright, intellectual property, trademark, or patent held by another individual. 
  • Does not show unsafe activities such as standing close to cliff faces or in close proximity to wildlife. 
  • Does not violate Leave No Trace principles, including photos of: 
    • Large groups. 
    • Dispersed/stealth campsites in alpine zones, or people off established trails/camping areas. 
    • Wildlife at close range or the feeding of wildlife. 
    • Improperly handling natural or cultural objects. 
    • Large or improperly built/located campfires. 
    • Improperly stored food, trash, or other waste. 
    • Lack of consideration for others on the Trail.  

By submitting your photo, you agree to the ATC’s terms and conditions for media use.