Media Submissions

Media Authorization and Release Terms

I understand that the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (“ATC”) desires to use all or part of the media of me or by me, including my name, voice, story, written word, presentation and/or likeness, for advertising, promotion and other commercial and business purposes. In exchange for the intangible value I will gain by participating in the ATC’s publicity programs, and for other good and valuable consideration, I give the ATC my permission for such use and publicity for such purposes, according to the terms and conditions set forth in this Authorization and Release.

Grant of Rights. I hereby grant the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, its affiliates, employees and agents, the perpetual and worldwide right to use, simulate and portray my name, likeness, voice, personality, photographs, written word (digital or physical), video footage, and digital recordings taken from the media of me or by me. It is further understood and agreed that the ATC may use such recordings in any and all manner, whether now or hereafter known, including, but not limited to, Appalachian Trail Conservancy promotional materials, newsletters, magazines, and other print or electronic media. I further consent that my name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary. I understand that there will be no financial or other remuneration for the use and re-use of my name, likeness or picture.

Ownership. I acknowledge and agree that the ATC and its successors and assigns own all right, title and interest in and to all media of me or by me and all videos, sound recordings, and publications and all other media of any nature whatsoever.

Release. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, its agents, and employees from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action that I may now have or may hereafter have regarding the use and publication by the ATC of the above-mentioned materials. I waive any rights, claims, or interest I may have to control the use of my identity or likeness in whatever media used. I also understand that the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is not responsible for any expense or liability incurred as a result of my participation in this recording, including medical expenses due to any sickness or injury incurred as a result.

If 18 years of age and over: I represent that I am at least 18 years of age, have read and understand the foregoing statement, am competent to execute this agreement, and by doing so hereby waive certain legal rights.