Commit to Protecting Your Trail

The Appalachian Trail Hiker’s Pledge

Take the Appalachian Trail hiker’s pledge and help ensure the A.T. experience continues to benefit us all for generations to come.

As an A.T. hiker, I will lead by example and:

  • Leave the A.T. better than I found it – every hiker makes a difference.
  • Carefully use existing campsites and not build new ones.
  • Bury my poop in a 6-to-8-inch-deep hole far away from camp and water sources, and help keep privies clean when I use them.
  • Pack out all my trash and food waste, and help pack out the trash I find.
  • Protect wildlife by never letting animals get my food — bear canisters are the surest, most flexible food storage method.
  • Be respectful of all other A.T. hikers and visitors.

A.T. White Blaze with hiker in the background.

Tips for Maintaining Your Pledge to the Trail

Doing what’s right for the A.T. and those around you on the Trail is simple once you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills you need. Check out the sources below to help you begin your journey on the right foot.

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