Episode Six

Where We Walk: Building the Pathway

In this final episode of the Where We Walk miniseries, we take a look at volunteering by hearing from Michela Williams and Brittany Leavitt: two individuals who have had a big hand in volunteer positions for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, as well as other leadership roles where they get to see firsthand how powerful volunteering can truly be.

Brittany and Michela say it best, but as you’ll hear, volunteering is a way we build paths– not just through the physical act, but also building connections, exposing ourselves to new experiences, taking on leadership roles, and utilizing our time as volunteers to create pathways for others: recreationalists, stewards, and community members alike.

About the series: This story-forward six-part series, in partnership with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and made possible with support from REI, highlights the Appalachian Trail through both the women who helped to build it as well as those who continue to make it what it is today. Our goal is to tell a multi-dimensional story of the Trail through a range of voices from diverse backgrounds. Each episode will have a unique theme that helps tell the story of the way we shape the Trail, but more importantly — how the Trail shapes us.

Featured in this episode: Brittany Leavitt & Michela Williams

Hosted by Laura Borichevsky & Gale Straub

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You can find the entire miniseries in the She Explores podcast feed and through a “Where We Walk” Spotify playlist where we’ve queued up every episode just for you.

Music by Josh Woodward & Monplaisir using a Creative Commons Attribution License.