Shenandoah NP – Water Unavailable – Dundo & South River

Water Availability



Water will no longer be available from spigots at the Dundo Group Campground and South River Picnic Area in Shenandoah National Park (NOBO miles 888.2 and 913.1).

In the Dundo area, Appalachian Trail (A.T.) hikers and visitors can get water at either Blackrock Hut (NOBO mile 885.3) or Loft Mountain Campground (NOBO mile 892.7). In the South River area, A.T. hikers and visitors can get water at either Lewis Mountain Campground (NOBO mile 918.4) or Bearfence Mountain Hut (NOBO mile 919.1).

Unless otherwise specified, water on the A.T. is not potable and should be filtered or treated before use. Water sources at backcountry shelters and campsites may go dry seasonally or during drought. Always check current conditions before leaving for the Trail. The park maintains a list of water sources along the A.T. in the park that is updated periodically.