NC/TN – Closure – Cloudland Area




The Roan Mountain Recreation Area will be closed this summer for renovations. The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) through this area will remain open, but off-Trail areas will be closed including the rhododendron gardens, Roan High Bluff and the Roan High Bluff Trail, the Cloudland parking area, and the Cloudland Trail.

The A.T. and Carvers Gap will remain open, but please note that there is limited parking at Carvers Gap (NOBO mile 380.8).

Roan High Knob Shelter (NOBO mile 379.3) will also remain open for now but will close temporarily at some point this summer so that volunteers with the Tennessee Eastman Hiking & Canoeing Club can complete renovations on the shelter. We will update this notice once we have a timeframe for the shelter closure. Camping will remain open around the shelter, but please respect revegetation areas that have been roped off.

Hikers should plan to stay on the Trail through this area and visitors should plan their itineraries accordingly. Be sure to practice Leave No Trace in this fragile, high-use area by staying on durable surfaces, choosing existing campsites rather than making your own, and only using existing fire rings and practicing Leave No Trace campfire building (using only dead and downed wood no thicker than your wrist, burning all wood down to ash, and never burning any trash or food waste).

For a list of alternative hikes, visit For more information or questions about the renovation work, visit Pisgah National Forest’s website or contact the Forest Service District Office at 828-689-9694.