by Leanna Joyner, ATC's Program Director for Volunteer Relations

A.T. Leadership Academy 2020 Intent to Participate

Intended for volunteer leaders within A.T. Clubs, A.T. Communities, affinity groups, and key partners, the A.T. Volunteer Leadership Academy will be held online and will bring focus to operational best-practices for volunteer management, safe field operations, and fundamentals in A.T. cooperative Management.

This is a flagship training for A.T. volunteers that convenes volunteer leaders, and aspiring leaders, from all 14 states to deepen their work with this essential public resource.

Clubs are specifically requested to send at least two participants to the virtual Academy, with at least person one in each category: 1) a current or emerging club leader (a club president, or soon-to-be president, etc) 2) a field leader for the club’s A.T. management work.

More information will be distributed in the coming months. You are welcome to express interest using this link.