by Sara Haxby, ATC Senior Conservation Coordinator

Guthook App Map Use for Volunteers

Volunteer maintainer Rick Dicks shares how he uses his Guthook App to plan future work for his trail section. It could also be used to file reports of work accomplished to others in the club.

Dicks described the process he used in a recent Facebook post to the Trail Maintainers page.

“I was out scouting my section, noting what work needs to be done this year. I noticed a ‘tools’ icon on the my app and opened that up. One of the tools was ‘send location by email.’ I selected that, and it opened an email with the precise trail location [where] I was standing. It had a microphone icon, so I hit that and dictated my thoughts on what need to get done at the exact spot and sent it to myself. When I got home, I had a complete list of work to be done with the exact trail locations of where the work was to be done. I didn’t think of it in time, but one thing I’ll add next time is to be sure to specify exactly which tools I need to bring for the work to be done. This is a game changer for me.”