Who we are as an organization and how we do our work

Identity Statement

ATC’s Identity Statement articulates our values, describes the culture we strive to create, governs our behavior, explains how we make decisions, and clarifies our commitments. Our Identity Statement encompasses who we are as an organization and how we do our work.


The Appalachian Trail

  • The Resource: The Conservancy is passionate in our service to the Appalachian Trail and the A.T. Experience.
  • The Motivation: The ATC’s work conserves the everlasting legacy of this world renowned resource and experience.
  • The Approach: The ATC is a science-driven and fact-based organization. We work to ensure our impact is both expansive and achieved collectively.

The People

  • Cooperation: The Conservancy leads a vast network of partners, from the agencies and clubs in the cooperative management system to the individuals, organizations, and communities that support our mission and work.
  • Connections: Connections made by the Conservancy are underscored by integrity, inclusiveness, and dedication and result in mutual empowerment.
  • Education: The Conservancy balances conservation and recreation by educating visitors and volunteers on responsible recreation and shared stewardship.

Our Values

  • Intention: We are one Conservancy with a shared purpose that underscores our mission, vision, work, and connections. What we do matters.
  • Ethic: The Conservancy’s staff and board embodies honesty, mutual respect, openness, continuous learning and improvement, and excellence.
  • Commitment: Through innovation, responsibility, and teamwork, the ATC
    sets and achieves ambitious goals.


  • Our Commitment: The ATC strives to manage and protect an experience on the Trail that is inclusive and meaningful.
  • Our Approach: The ATC seeks to achieve equity by continuous and direct engagement with a broad audience and by acknowledging a range of unique and personal A.T. experiences.
  • Our Result: The ATC in its organization, its culture, its work, and its connections is diverse, inclusive, and equitable.