Why I Support the ATC

December 26, 2023

The reasons why contributors support the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s work are as varied as the reasons why people love the Trail. During this season of giving—and thanksgiving—we are highlighting just a few stories of people who choose to give to the ATC. Thank you to all who support the ATC’s work to protect, manage, and advocate for the priceless Appalachian Trail!

Providing for the Common Good

Photo of young woman with wilderness in background“Even though I am often seeking moments of solitude on the A.T., the Appalachian Trail restores my faith in humanity. When you think about the complexity of the A.T. cooperative management system—involving multiple government entities, the ATC, and volunteer clubs across 14 states—it seems like it should never work. In a time that feels increasingly polarized, it is inspiring to be reminded of what people working together toward a common goal—our shared love for the Trail—can accomplish.”

Carrie Hollis, “Jackrabbit,” completed her thru-hike in 2014 and currently serves on the ATC’s Stewardship Council. In addition to donating her time, Carrie renews her membership gift every year. Become an ATC member today.

Paying It Forward

Man touching sign at Katahdin

“By giving to the ATC, we are helping ensure that people who aren’t born yet will have the opportunity to have the same experience that I did on the A.T. It was wonderful to have time [on the Trail] away from the pressures of work and life in the city. I was able to experience the joy of being outdoors, and watching spring arrive, and noticing the flowers that were blooming. I want to enable other people to benefit from a similar experience.”

Ken LeRoy completed his thru-hike in 2001 after retiring from his career in the insurance industry. He and his wife, Pat, give to the ATC through their IRA and have thoughtfully included the ATC in their estate plans. Read profile

Preserving the Trail Experience

Woman standing in front of stream beside bridge

“I am proud to be a part of the large community of ATC supporters so that this amazing Trail can be available for millions of Americans to experience joy, beauty, peace, and a sense of accomplishment and confidence—like I do every time I hike on the Trail. It was with much gratitude that my husband, Dan, and I were able to be part of the Henderson Brook rehabilitation project in Maine over the past few years. We feel it is important to contribute to secure the Trail’s future.”

Michele Coleman and her husband, Dan, supported the ATC’s work to restore fish passage in the 100-Mile Wilderness in Maine – a project that benefits the entire A.T. experience. Watch video

Investing in Excellence

Group of volunteers doing trail work“Participating with our employees in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to perform volunteer work for the ATC was one of my highlights of ABF Freight’s 100th anniversary events. The Appalachian Trail means many things to different people, but I see our core values of collaboration, wellness, and excellence demonstrated in those volunteer days. I am looking forward to more volunteer work in 2024.”

Larry Trendell, Manager, Service Center Operations Compliance, works for ArcBest, which chose the ATC as a partner during its 100th anniversary year. Learn more