National Trails Day is June 3, 2023

Celebrate National Trails Day

May 31, 2023

On June 3, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy joins the American Hiking Society in celebrating the 31st annual National Trails Day! Be part of the thousands of hikers, volunteers, and outdoor lovers that come together to care for public lands and trails like the A.T.

Here are a couple of ways that you can get involved:


Attend one of the following events or sign up for another volunteer opportunity to give back to the A.T. on National Trails Day:

Photo by Horizonline Pictures

Photo by Horizonline Pictures

Don’t live near the A.T. but still want to participate in a National Trails Day volunteer event? Find a local event on the American Hiking Society’s website and take their pledge to leave trails and the outdoor community better than you found them.


The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is dedicated to protecting, managing, and advocating for the A.T. Our work includes supporting volunteer efforts, providing hiker resources and information, protecting iconic A.T. views from development, studying and improving critical habitat, and so much more. We couldn’t do it without generous gifts from people who love the Trail.

Please consider donating to protect the A.T. forever and for all in honor of National Trails Day.

Support the A.T.

For 2023 National Trails Day — the first 100 people who become members, or renew their membership, with a donation of $50 or more will receive a limited edition ATC X BearVault weather-resistant trail journal!

Inside cover of the custom A.T. journal designed in collaboration with BearVault

Get Your Trail Journal


Celebrate National Trails Day by taking some time to unplug and enjoy the beauty of the A.T.

View point on the ridgeline shortly before Franklin in Nantahala National Forest. Photo by Patrick Hare @HappyCampHares

Photo by Patrick Hare of the viewpoint on the ridgeline shortly before Franklin in Nantahala National Forest.

Check out our Hiker Resource Library for tips to get your adventure started on the right foot and always remember to leave the Trail better than you found it by practicing Leave No Trace.

However you choose to celebrate National Trails Day, we’re grateful for the love and support the A.T. community expresses for the Trail. Thank you for doing your part to leave trails and outdoor communities better than you found them!