Amicalola Falls Basecamp Data

2024 Northbound A.T. Hiker Stats & Facts

May 2, 2024

At this point of the spring, most aspiring 2024 northbound (NOBO) Appalachian Trail thru-hikers have set out on their treks. Many NOBOs and some flip flop and section hikers stopped at the Amicalola Falls State Park visitor center during A.T. Basecamp, presented by the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club from February 15 to April 15. Basecamp is open every year at Amicalola Falls State Park to help NOBO hikers Start Smart on their journeys. 

Volunteers with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club provide the Start Smart presentation, covering Leave No Trace and information on the A.T. in Georgia for hikers.

As in years past, the hikers who visited Basecamp this year registered their hikes, picked up their hang tags, had their packs weighed, and attended a Start Smart presentation to brush up on Leave No Trace principles before starting their treks. 

Unlike years past, 2024 was the first year that thru-hikers registered digitally, which made it easier for the ATC to analyze the data gathered from hikers and provide a snapshot of how many people are hoping to hike the entire A.T. starting from Georgia in 2024.  

Image shows digital registration area.

In 2024, A.T. hikers were able to register digitally at Basecamp.

Of the 2,252 people who registered in person, over 92% of thru-hikers are U.S. residents, with roughly 50% visiting the Trail from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Virginia. 

As the data supports, the A.T. is a world-renowned hiking destination and welcomes hikers from all over the globe. The international A.T. visitors registered during this year’s Basecamp hail from 22 countries, with two-thirds identifying as Canadian, German, and British. 

1,582 thru-hikers had their packs weighed at Basecamp before starting their hikes. The average pack weight was 33.9 lbs., which is roughly equivalent to carrying an average 3.5-year-old boy or a full-grown English cocker spaniel on your back.  

No matter where you call home, how much you pack weighs, or even if your goal is a day hike in the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail, A.T. Basecamp offers the latest information on the Trail each spring and is free and open to everyone. We’re grateful to GATC and its volunteers, like CJ Bradbury, and to the state park staff for hosting this wonderful resource for the A.T. community each year.  

2024 thru-hikers can still pick up hang tags at Amicalola Falls State Park, Damascus Trail Center in Virgina, the ATC’s Headquarters and Visitor Center in Harpers Ferry, WV, and the Monson Appalachian Trail Visitor in Maine.  Future thru-hikers can also register their hikes online in advance by visiting