Trail Update

Appalachian Trail Becomes One Mile Shorter in 2024

December 15, 2023

The length of the Appalachian Trail in 2024 is 2,197.4 miles, making the A.T. one mile shorter than in 2023. The total length of the A.T. typically changes slightly each year due to footpath relocations and more precise measurement techniques. Learn more about the sections that changed this year and how those changes will impact the total mileage for the Trail in 2024!

Moving gif with images from the Trail that shows the 2024 A.T. length of 2,197.4 miles


Georgia (0.2 Miles Added)

In December 2022 the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club completed a relocation of the A.T. in Mark Trail Wilderness on Poor Mountain thanks to the help of the ATC, USFS, and the American Conservation Experience. A two-mile hike with tools was required in order to reach the starting point of this A.T. relocation. It took over six years to complete, requiring over 998 volunteer hours.


North Carolina (0.1 Miles Added)

The A.T. near Fontana Dam gained 0.1 miles as it was re-routed around a knoll between the Fontana Marina and the visitor center.

The new Trail route has a more sustainable grade that will be easier to maintain and is better protected from the sounds of the marina. The ATC’s volunteer work crew, the Konnarock Trail Crew, worked alongside local agencies and Smoky Mountain Hiking Club members to plan, excavate and complete this beautiful new section.


Pennsylvania (0.2 Miles Added)

Two tenths of a mile was added in Pennsylvania between south of Little Gap.With the completion of this section of new treadway in May 2023, the relocation of the A.T. footpath to its optimal location between the Winter Trail north junction and Little Gap is largely complete.

The new A.T. alignment between the north end of the Winter Trail and Little Gap is open to the public, providing views from both sides of the ridge, views that will hopefully remain as remediation efforts lead to the restoration of vegetation on the top of the ridge.


Connecticut (0.2 Miles Added)

The A.T. in Connecticut grew by 0.2 miles between Skiff Mountain Road and Connecticut 341. This relocation project took place with collaboration of an adjacent local private landowner over two years and is the result of a removal of a storm damaged bridge just north of Connecticut 341. This is a temporary relocation and will last about 2-3 years while repairs are made.

New York (1.7 Miles Shortened)

The length of A.T. in New York has been adjusted down 1.7 miles to accurately reflect the distance of the temporary relocation over the Palisades Parkway.

How much of the A.T. will you travel in 2024? No matter how many miles of the A.T. you plan to hike next year, we hope you will join us in thanking the hardworking crews and volunteers who helped make these needed improvements and relocations possible. 

As always, your support is essential for ensuring all 2,197.4 miles of the Trail continue to be maintained and protected.