Trail Update

Appalachian Trail Grows to 2,198.4 Miles in Length for 2023

December 14, 2022

Hikers looking to experience even more of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) in 2023 have a reason to celebrate: the official A.T. length for next year is 2,198.4 miles, adding 4.1 miles to the world’s most famous hiking footpath.

The Appalachian Trail will officially be 2,198.4 miles long in 2023.

The total length of the A.T. typically changes slightly each year due to footpath relocations and more precise measurement techniques. The increase for 2023 was due to three significant detours/relocations in New York and Maine, and a series of more precise measurements in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

New York (3.0 miles added)

This detour was implemented in the spring of 2022 to bypass a dangerous road crossing over the heavily trafficked Palisades Interstate Parkway. New for 2023 is the opening of a seasonal potable water source at Anthony Wayne Recreation Area. The route across the overpass is the official A.T. route until a new permanent crossing is developed. Any additional news about this detour in 2023 will be posted on our Trail Updates page.

Massachusetts and Connecticut (0.9 miles added)

Over time, more accurate measuring techniques and equipment provide the ATC and Trail Maintaining Clubs with the opportunity to measure sections of the A.T. with greater accuracy. Various small Trail projects and reroutes are also taken into account, such as a 1300-foot relocation near Dalton, Massachusetts, completed in partnership with Greenagers (pictured below).

Maine (0.2 miles added)

This short-but-important relocation on Fourth Mountain just north of Cloud Pond Lean-To moves the A.T. onto more sustainable land, ensuring the Trail and the surrounding lands in the Hundred Mile Wilderness are resilient and protected.

How much of the A.T. will you travel in 2023? No matter how many miles of the A.T. you plan to hike next year, we hope you will join us in thanking the hardworking crews and volunteers who helped make these needed improvements and relocations possible. 

As always, your support is essential for ensuring all 2,198.4 miles of the Trail continue to be maintained and protected. Give back to the Trail today at 


See you down the (4.1 miles longer) Trail!