April 2, 2021

Trailway News: April Showers

Spring has finally arrived! Along with it comes the spring rains, of course, and some recent rainstorms provide a good reminder to be prepared for rapidly changing Appalachian Trail conditions.

Last week, heavy rains caused water levels at several A.T. locations to rise by several feet in just a few hours, turning knee-deep fords into dangerous obstacles. Always play it safe when conditions are dangerous and wait for the water levels to drop, or backtrack to a safer crossing location. When in doubt, sit it out!

For more tips, visit our River and Stream Crossings page, and keep an eye on our Trail Updates page for the latest on A.T. conditions.


Lead image by Laurie Potteiger


Press Release

91 Acres of Roan Highland Landscape Conserved

Our partners at Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC) recently transferred the 91-acre “Roan Mountain Gateway” to the USDA Forest Service, adding to public lands just south of Carvers Gap on the A.T. The ATC is proud to support SAHC and Pisgah National Forest in this essential project, which will provide greater protection for iconic A.T. views, help preserve native flora and fauna, and provide options for local hikers to lessen their impact on fragile natural resources without compromising on the Roan Highland hiking experience.



National Volunteer Month

Thank You, A.T. Volunteers!

April is National Volunteer Month! This month (and all-year-round) we celebrate the dedication of the volunteers and Trail maintaining clubs from Georgia to Maine. These individuals are crucial to protecting and managing the A.T. From footpath maintenance and boundary monitoring to Trail relocation and caring for overnight sites, volunteers are the heart and soul of the Trail. Thank you for all you do!

Interested in becoming an A.T. volunteer? Check out available volunteer opportunities and positions by clicking below.

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Featured Video

Protecting A.T. Night Skies

Next Monday, April 5, marks the beginning of International Dark Sky Week, which brings focus to the beauty of dark night skies and raises awareness about light pollution’s many negative effects. As part of our land conservation efforts, the ATC is committed to preserving night skies on the Trail. In our short film “Go Dark – A Wild East Story,” take a journey with LatinXhikers and astronomer Dr. Tyler Nordgren as they experience the splendor of a starry sky that shines brighter because of the protected A.T. landscapes.

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