Tracy Lind

Regional Manager – CT, MA, southern VT

Tracy was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on the lower eastern shores of Delaware and Maryland. Growing up and throughout her local and international travels, she’s felt fortunate to visit diverse places, meet an array of people, and learn different perspectives. One of the things she loves about the Appalachian Trail is how it takes visitors through varied landscapes and communities and connects people through conversation and experiences.

Since 2011, Tracy worked with conservation organizations and communities to help protect forest, agricultural, and streamside land in the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Shenandoah Valley and Piedmont of Virginia, and the Eastern Pandhandle of West Virginia. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Salisbury University and a Master’s in Natural Resource Management and a certificate in Global Sustainability from Virginia Tech.

Today, she is the Southern New England Regional Manager with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy – working with clubs, organizations, and communities in southern Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut to protect, promote, and enhance the Appalachian Trail landscape and help make it more inclusive and accessible for everyone.