Sarah Adams

Regional Manager – Georgia & Nantahala

Sarah grew up in Dahlonega, GA, where the A.T. has always been a presence in her life. During her undergrad at Yale, she was an Environmental Studies major and pursued learning environmental humanities approaches to research, policy, and community engagement. Her senior thesis examined cross-cultural connections between the A.T. and Japan’s Shinetsu Trail, which was heavily modeled after the A.T. for its cooperative management system (click here for an online exhibit of her thesis or the May Ed-Venture session). After graduating in May 2020, she returned home to Dahlonega and became involved with ATC first as a North Georgia A.T. Community Coordinator. With a team of dedicated volunteers from the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club and ATC staff, she helped establish the North Georgia AT Communities Network to better communicate and coordinate with the state’s A.T. communities. Most recently, in July 2021, Sarah joined ATC as Regional Manager for the Georgia and southern North Carolina portion of the trail. Outside of the A.T., she loves to play old-time music, help out on her family’s farm, and listen to oral histories.