Roger Hahn

October 2022

Roger Hahn has been volunteering at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s (ATC) Harpers Ferry Visitor Center almost every weekend since 2015. In this invaluable role, Hahn is responsible for greeting visitors and answering questions about the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) and the Harpers Ferry area. Hahn has also been a regular volunteer at the ATC’s booth during Trail Days since his 2016 southbound thru-hike of the Trail.

Hahn’s dedication is best demonstrated through his careful attention to visitors, always going the extra mile to ensure they leave the Center much more prepared and informed than when they arrived. Roger is also selfless in his work: he is the first person to pick up a shovel on a freezing snowy day and chip away at the ice on the sidewalk of the Center, and he helps visitors find respite from the sweltering summer days by providing them with cold drinks. Hahn is described by those who work with him as being helpful, respectful, very dependable, and an expert on all things A.T. and ATC.

Hahn has kept the Center open on days even when staffing is low. David Tarasevish, ATC Visitor Center Representative mentions that “[Hahn] is one of the few long-term volunteers who is comfortable coming in on my days off. Fortunately, he is knowledgeable about the Trail, the local area, and the challenges of managing the A.T. so he can answer a wide range of questions from visitors.”