Maggie Baker

October 2012

Maggie Baker of Leeds, England, first learned of the Appalachian Trail in 2008 when searching forvolunteer conservation work in the U.S. She worked on ATC’s Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew that year, and has volunteered on the Rocky Top Crew each year since. 

Maggie looks forward to seeing the mountains in glorious color each October and to seeing her crew friends. She not only feels welcome and part of a team, but enjoys looking back at the end of a week at what has been accomplished, knowing that their work—whether new steps or turnpike or water bars—has improved the Trail and the quality of the experience of those who walk it.  

Fellow Rocky Top volunteer Jean Dickinson looks forward to working with Maggie. “Her accent, laugh, stories of her ‘mum’ and love of tea are so infectious. Maggie is a hard worker and never fails to chip right in on any task. She is always quick to let folks know just how fortunate we are, here in America, to have a sanctuary like the Smoky Mountains to explore and be fascinated by.” 

A member of the Leeds People’s Choir, Maggie says, “Using my voice as part of the choir is as empowering a feeling as it is when I’m out with Rocky Top and pounding away with a sledgehammer or working with a Pulaski. In fact, one of our choir songs is called ‘Work Song’ and goes, ‘Breaking rocks out here on the chain gang…” I don’t feel like I’m on a chain gang but I do like to break those rocks!”