Kimberly Shaffer

Summit Ambassador

Kimberly Shaffer is the Corresponding Secretary and a director of the Earl Shaffer Foundation, an organization dedicated to continuing the legacy of Earl Shaffer, the first Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. Kimberly is a grand-niece of Earl, and granddaughter of Earl’s eldest brother Daniel. A biologist by training, she has worked in research, education, helicopter aviation, and international business consulting in the U.S., Panama, and China. In 2018, Kimberly hiked a 630-mile section of the Appalachian Trail to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Earl’s first thru hike, and she looks forward to finishing the trail in sections in the years to come. As an ESF director, Kimberly is working to digitize Earl’s writings, work, and outreach to connect with an international online audience.