Jessie Johnson

Volunteer Engagement Specialist

After moving to Georgia for graduate school, Jessie broke in her first pair of hiking boots (many blisters later) on numerous sections of the A.T. throughout the southern region. As the Volunteer Engagement Specialist, she now fosters the tradition of outstanding stewardship on the Trail by supporting the volunteer efforts of the 31 clubs dedicated to maintaining the A.T. and its facilities.

Before her work with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Jessie traveled throughout the country for three years, working with land managers, educators, and volunteers to promote responsible recreation with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. After her time on the road, she was thrilled to return to the green forests of the southeast. Jessie now lives in western North Carolina, where she gets her nature fix by hiking, mountain biking, backpacking and exploring her own little corner of the woods with her dog, Hank. She’s since hiked sections of the A.T. in nearly every state and, as an avid reader and former librarian, spends a lot of time reading books about thru-hiking long trails.