Dick Fecteau

January 2009

Lifelong hiker Dick Fecteau started volunteering on the Appalachian Trail at the urging of a friend, Dick Brown, a leader of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC) until his death in 1998. Dick Fecteau started out maintaining a section of the A.T. and within two years was overseeing 65 miles of the Trail. 
As an Overseer, Dick plans major projects and recruits and coordinates several volunteer maintainers.  Among the most satisfying experiences Dick has had working with volunteers comes from MATC’s partnership with Camp Tekakwitha – a local youth summer camp.  Dick has completed major projects using Camp “Teki” volunteers; under Dick’s guidance, they’ve replaced bridges and other structures, rehabbed campsites and packed in materials for major building projects.  In a recent trip, the youth packed 1500 pounds of roofing shingles and lumber to a building site.  Though Dick credits the energy and enthusiasm of the campers, he puts in a great deal of effort planning projects. 
Trail maintaining is not his only service to the A.T., Dick coordinated the successful Maine Mountain Conference in 2006 with fellow MATC member Bob Cummings.  Dick “is very steadfast,” says ATC Director of Conservation Operations Bob Proudman, and “unfailing. . . in his support of wilderness values.” 
Dick volunteers for many reasons – he loves being in the woods and enjoys working with other MATC members.  The most import reason though, is to honor the man who recruited him – Dick Brown.  ATC thanks both men for their dedication to the Appalachian Trail!