Conchita M. Espino, Ph.D.


Since 2016, Conchita has served as the Executive Director of Mar a Mar: Costa Rica, the NGO that designed, developed, maintains and manages El Camino de Costa Rica, a 280km camino that crosses from the Atlantic to the Pacific. As the Executive Director her primary functions are to operate the association and oversee the contributions of the 7 working groups. Key functions include ensuring that the activities are consistent with the mission of the organization and implementing its strategy. Additionally she is responsible for fundraising, grant writing, and supervising projects and volunteers. From 1991-2011, Conchita worked at the World Bank Group. Notably she was a program manager leading initiatives of organization development and change management related to leadership development and Human Resources. Conchita worked with the International Development Program in Belgium where she was part of the faculty that taught consultants from major European companies on issues of organization effectiveness. Conchita is a clinical psychologist and organization development specialist. She taught psychology at GW University and Pace University. Prior to 1991 she managed her own practice, developed family and child services and conducted research in several behavioral areas.