Colton Calloway

January 2012

ATC’s volunteer of the month for January, Colton Calloway, is an unusual Appalachian Trail volunteer in that he hasn’t yet set foot on the A.T., and, as native of Louisiana, the Trail has not been part of his personal history.   
film-maker and avid outdoorsman, he first learned of the A.T. when watching the National Geographic’s documentary on the Appalachian Trail. The idea of hiking the A.T. “captured him immediately.”  He found the unique A.T. community of hikers and volunteers “really appealing” and was fascinated by the stories of people who were thru hiking.  He decided to join them and started planning his hike.  His girlfriend Lindsay and dog Chaser will be hiking with him, and Colton plans to film their hike. 
He set out to learn all he could about the Appalachian Trail, including joining ATC’s Facebook page, where he learned of a need for a volunteer video editor.  He worked on several video projects for ATC’s communication department, including a documentary on land acquisition that was first shown at the Biennial.  The A.T. is complicated, and Colton, a newcomer, had to illustrate a complicated subject in a clear and compelling manner. 
“With his expertise and video editing skills” Colton helped bring a complicated subject to life, says Javier Folgar, ATC’s Marketing and Communications Manager.  Colton created an “inspiring and captivating video” and all before he even set foot on the Appalachian Trail. 
Colton, Lindsay and Chaser will begin their hike on April 1. Thanks Colton!