Carl Fritz

February 2009

In more than 25 years as an A.T. Volunteer, Carl Fritz, a member of the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club (TEHCC), has built up an impressive record. Since starting as a Trail maintainer in 1982, Carl has become an experienced Trail builder, leader and mentor. 
Though Carl is modest about his accomplishments, he has logged more hours since 2005 than any other club member, says TEHCCís Joe DeLoach. In his role as Maintenance Coordinator, Carl led his club to the ìbest two years in TEHCC’s history’ with volunteers giving “over 11,000 hours annually” says Joe. In 2006, Carl received TEHCC’s Stan Murray award, for “especially meritorious” service to his club. 
Though the hours are impressive, they don’t tell the whole story. In addition to the time he puts in maintaining and, when necessary, rebuilding TEHCC’s section of the A.T. – Carl has served as an informal mentor to volunteers new to Trail building. He has also worked with fellow TEHCC member Bob Peoples and other club members to expand Hard Core (TEHCC’s annual maintenance project that engages hikers as A.T. volunteers) as well as engaging local students in Trail maintenance efforts. 
Other than spending time on the Trail, working with hikers, students and new volunteers is the most rewarding part of A.T. volunteering, says Carl. He knows he is “winning the hearts and minds of people for the outdoors and the Trail” when the hikers and students he meets “return to participate again.” Thank you, Carl!