Bill Boudman

April 2009

Bill Boudman, a retired science teacher and active hiker and cyclist, has been an A.T. volunteer with the Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers (PATH) since the early eighties.  While still working, he volunteered during the summer, gradually gaining more responsibilities; when he retired ten years ago, he became the Trail Supervisor for PATH, responsible for coordinating all work on the club’s 65 mile section of the A.T. 
Every year, Bill walks PATH’s section of the Trail, often joined by other club members. He spends a week on the trail most months, identifying projects and leading work trips.  Though winters are slow, Bill keeps an eye on his section and has organized crews to clean up after winter storms and other unexpected events. 
Bill is concerned about preserving the A.T. and the land surrounding it.  PATH is “very aware that we are stewards of the land,” says Bill.  PATH participated in World Water Monitoring Day and other environmental monitoring projects.  He is also focused on identifying steep sections of the Trail subject to erosion and turning them into more sustainable switchbacks. 
For his part, Bill gives credit to the other members of his club as well as ATC and USFS staff “who really do the work” both on and off the Trail.  But Bill’s efforts in maintaining his club’s section and supporting the Konnarock Trail Crew are much appreciated.  Bill is a “tireless force in maintaining the club’s 65 miles of the A.T.,” says Kerry Wood, ATC Trail Resource Manager.  Thanks Bill!