Barb Wiemann

December 2010

ATC member Barb Wiemann, a volunteer for the Allentown Hiking Club (AHC) and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, has always had a connection to the A.T.  Growing up in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, Barb could see the A.T. from her bedroom window, and went on her first ‘real’ hike, at age 15 – a ten mile hike on the A.T. with her brother who was earning his hiking merit badge. 

Barb loved spending time outdoors, and joined AHC soon after graduating from college, hoping to meet like-minded people.  She found an “an interesting mix of people” in the club, including the man who became her husband. When her children were old enough she took them hiking on the Trail, too.  

Barb became a maintainer soon after joining the club, and over the years she has held most volunteer and leadership positions in the club – maintainer, hike leader, secretary, librarian, president and now coordinator of volunteers who maintain the boundary.  

In addition to her work with AHC, Barb is a leader who helps advise ATC on Trail management issues through her work with the Regional Partnership Committee, and helping to oversee trail-wide policy development as a member of the Stewardship Council.

Barb gives a great deal of her time and talent to the Appalachian Trail, both on the Trail and as an administrator and leader. “When you can make a contribution,” Barb says, “you should offer your talents in areas where they can be useful.” Barb, thanks for your efforts on the Trail!