Anne Eggers

January 2011

Volunteer and hiker Anne Eggers, a member of both ATC and the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC), first learned of the Trail after attending a talk given by Larry Luxenberg, thru-hiker, author and one of the founders of the A.T. Museum.  Intrigued by what she heard, Anne decided she wanted to see the Trail for herself. 
Anne decided to hike the Maryland section with her husband and enjoyed it so much that she began planning her thru-hike in 2000.  She wanted to “do something amazing” and show her three children that if they wanted to “have an adventure,” they should do it. With a partner, Anne hiked the whole trail from 2003- 2006. 
Anne found the A.T. community “very accepting,” and has made lifelong friends while hiking.  She has also looked for ways to share her experience with others.  Already a Trail maintainer for PATC, Anne began volunteering in the ATC visitor center, where she sees a regular stream of hikers. 
When Anne is at the visitor center, she is back “with her people.”  She knows she can help hikers, as she’s confident in her knowledge of the A.T and knows what is like to take a break from hiking. Laurie Potteiger, the manager of the visitor center, says “Anne has boundless energy. . .she loves helping people, and when there are no visitors to assist, she begs the staff for cleaning projects. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to reassure ourselves she’s real.”  Thank you, Anne! 
Read a poem about hiking written by Anne (pg 23 in the PATC newsletter):