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The Appalachian Trail has a unique Cooperative Management System, with many partners working together to ensure the footpath and its surrounding lands are protected.

We uphold the highest standards for the protection and management of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) to ensure that it can be shared and enjoyed well into the future.

We have a unique cooperative-management partnership with the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service at national, regional, and district levels, a variety of agencies in 14 states, a few other federal agencies, and even some counties and other local communities.

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It is with these partners, in combination with our vast volunteer network that we are able to maintain and protect this iconic Trail.

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Affiliated ​A.T. Maintaining Clubs

30 Trail maintaining clubs are responsible for most of the day-to-day work of keeping the A.T. open. In addition to Trail maintenance, club volunteers build and repair shelters and other structures, monitor and protect the Trail corridor, monitor and manage rare plants and invasive species, develop management plans for their sections, and much more.

Trail Clubs and A.T. Communities

A.T. Regional Partnership Committees

There are four regional partnership committees (RPCs) corresponding to the ATC’s four geographical regions. Generally, the RPC includes one primary and one alternate representative from each of the Appalachian Trail-maintaining clubs in the region.

The RPC’s serve as communication links between the Trail-maintaining clubs, the ATC, and agency partners and as advisors to the ATC regional directors and the stewardship council on Trail management issues and policies. RPCs do not create ATC policy, but provide forums for discussion and review and make recommendations on proposed policies.

The chairs of each RPC become members of the Stewardship Council, and the chair of each RPC is selected by its members. At least one member from each RPC is appointed by the ATC board of directors to serve on the stewardship council.

Each regional partnership committee is self-governing within parameters set by the board. The current makeup of the committees and the club affiliation of RPC members are listed below.

A.T. Regional Partnership Committees

New England Committee

  • RPC Chair: Keegan Tierney, Green Mountain Club
  • RPC Representative to Stewardship Council, Partner Coordinating Committee: Cosmo Catalano, AMC-Western Massachusetts
  • Tony Barrett, Maine Appalachian Trail Club (Primary)
  • Tom Gorrill, Maine Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • Tim Mather, Randolph Mountain Club (Primary)
  • Ben Lieberson, Randolph Mountain Club (Alternate)
  • Joe Roman, Appalachian Mountain Club (Primary)
  • Alex DeLucia, Appalachian Mountain Club (Alternate)
  • Willow Nilsen, Dartmouth Outing Club (Primary)
  • Elizabeth Keeley, Dartmouth Outing Club (Alternate)
  • Keegan Tierney, Green Mountain Club (Primary)
  • Joshua Weeks, AMC-Western Massachusetts Chapter (Primary)
  • Russell Skelton, AMC-Western Massachusetts Chapter (Alternate)
  • Dave Boone, AMC-Connecticut Chapter (Primary)
  • Gene Grayson, AMC-Connecticut Chapter (Alternate)

Mid-Atlantic Committee

  • RPC Chair: Rush Williamson, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • RPC Vice Chair: Jim Foster; Keystone Trails Association (Primary)
  • RPC Secretary: Bill Saunders, Mountain Club of Maryland
  • RPC Representative to Stewardship Council, Partner Coordinating Committee: Jim Foster, Keystone Trails Association
  • Ron Rosen, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (Primary)
  • Walt Daniels, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (Alternate)
  • Brian Sleigh, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (NY East of Hudson, Alternate)
  • Moe Lemire, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (NY West of Hudson, Alternate)
  • Steve Weissman, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (NJ, Alternate)
  • Mike Hughes, Batona Hiking Club (Primary)
  • Dan Schwartz, AMC-Delaware Valley Chapter (Primary)
  • Bill Steinmetz, AMC-Delaware Valley Chapter (Alternate)
  • Barry Webb, Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club (Primary)
  • Bernadette Leibensperger, Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club (Alternate)
  • Doug Crowell, Allentown Hiking Club (Primary)
  • Barb Wiemann, Allentown Hiking Club (Alternate)
  • Cindy Radich, Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club (Primary)
  • Robert Keen, Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • Alan Noble, York Hiking Club (Primary)
  • John Spitznagel, Mountain Club of Maryland (Primary)
  • Ann Roberts, Mountain Club of Maryland (Alternate)
  • Mike Bowman, Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club (Primary)
  • Jesse Klick, Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • Jenn Ulmer, Keystone Trails Association (Alternate)
  • Daniel Hippe, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (Primary)

Central and Southwest Virginia Committee

  • RPC Chair and Representative to the Stewardship Council: Theresa Duffey, Old Dominion A.T. Club (Primary)
  • John Hedrick, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (Primary)
  • Jeff Monroe, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • Patrick Doyle, Old Dominion A.T. Club (Alternate)
  • Ned Kuhns, Tidewater A.T. Club (Primary)
  • Jim Sexton, Tidewater A.T. Club (Alternate)
  • George Beam, Natural Bridge A.T. Club (Primary)
  • Trudy Phillips, Natural Bridge A.T. Club (Alternate)
  • Jim Webb, Roanoke A.T. Club (Primary)
  • Christina McIntyre, Outdoor Club at Virginia Tech (Primary)
  • Emily Sellards, Outdoor Club at Virginia Tech (Alternate)
  • David Atkinson, Piedmont A.T. Hikers (Primary)
  • Ron Hudnell, Piedmont A.T. Hikers (Alternate)
  • Gerald Davis, Mount Rogers A.T. Club (Primary)
  • Franklin White, Mount Rogers A.T. Club (Alternate)

Southern Region (TN, NC, GA) Committee

  • RPC Chair, RPC Representative to Stewardship Council, Partner Communications Committee: Bill Mandler, Nantahala Hiking Club (Primary)
  • Tom Lamb, Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (Primary)
  • Jason Gotch, Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • David Addleton, Nantahala Hiking Club (Alternate)
  • Franklin Lafond, Smoky Mountains Hiking Club (Primary)
  • Taylor Weatherbee, Smoky Mountains Hiking Club (Alternate)
  • Paul Curtin, Carolina Mountain Club (Primary)
  • John Beaudet, Carolina Mountain Club (Alternate)
  • Steve Perri, Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club (Primary)
  • Vic Hasler, Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club (Alternate)

A.T. Land Managing Agencies