Dalton is a town in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Dalton is a transition town between the urban and rural portions of Berkshire County.

Dalton, Mass.

Connecting Town and Trail

Each year thousands of hikers enter Dalton, where the A.T. bisects the town. Local residents and business owners contribute to making the hiker experience in Dalton a memorable one. Showers, access to computers, post office services, laundry facilities, restaurants, and other services are conveniently located.

Many local residents have fond memories of Kay Wood, a long-time volunteer with the Massachusetts A.T. Management Committee who completed her thru-hike of the A.T. at age 70. She continued to be engaged with hikers into her later years, and she is part of the town’s proud A.T. history. Many other community members contribute volunteer hours to the A.T. through trail maintenance, corridor monitoring, and maintaining the Upper Goose Pond Cabin.

The Grow Dalton A.T. Community Program Committee helps organize a cohesive network of volunteers, businesses, local government and land manager agencies, and other stakeholders to showcase the beauty of our town and recreational assets, including the Appalachian Trail.

Plan Your Visit

The town of Dalton was officially incorporated in 1784 and settled as an industrial community with mills located along the Housatonic River. The town is approximately 22 square miles and is bordered by Cheshire to the northwest and north, Windsor to the northeast, Hinsdale to the east, Washington to the south, and Pittsfield and Lanesboro to the west. The Appalachian Trail winds 11 miles through town, passing between Tully and North Mountains through the downtown area.

With a population close to 6,800 people, Dalton is home to several historical museum and buildings. The Crane Museum features the history of papermaking in Dalton and highlights the development of specialized currency paper that is used for all U.S. and some foreign currencies. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Fitch-Hoose House is located on the A.T. on the corner of High Street and Gulf Road. The early 19th century home was built for and occupied by African Americans who settled in the area after being freed or fled from slavery in the Hudson Valley area of New York shortly after the American Revolution.

Dalton is centrally located in Berkshire County, with access to many other cultural and outdoor attractions.


These businesses support the Trail by taking part in the A.T. Community Supporter program.

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AMC Berkshire

AMC Berkshire’s ‘Massachusetts Appalachian Trail Management Committee’ is responsible for the maintenance, management, and protection of the almost 90 miles of Appalachian Trail within Massachusetts, coordinating the extensive volunteer effort that keeps the trail open and beautiful. Learn more and become a member today at amcberkshire.org/at.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

ATC Volunteer Program

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help maintain the A.T. and assist in our visitor center and headquarters. Opportunities range from greeting visitors and providing information about local hikes to joining a Trail crew for week-long maintenance trips, gaining first-hand experience in what it takes to keep the A.T. open and enjoyable for millions each year. Learn more at appalachiantrail.org/volunteer.

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