Boiling Springs gets its name from the natural artesian well springs located in and around the town

Boiling Springs, Pa.

In September 2006, Boiling Springs residents gathered at the Allenberry Playhouse and Resort in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania for the Appalachian Trail Gateway Community Forum.

The forum drew 125 people to address common issues and concerns related to the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and adjacent communities and landscapes. Ed McMahon from the Urban Land Institute talked about how and why communities protect their unique character.  Then participants worked in small groups to define partnership opportunities and priorities for Boiling Springs as a gateway community.

The outcomes of the forum discussions placed emphasis for partnerships and enhancements on:

  • Service learning and education by helping schools, youth organizations, recreation centers, and libraries use the A.T. as a multi-disciplinary learning resource which will continue to raise awareness of the A.T. in this community.
  • Land use planning through the development of design guidelines or land development ordinances to protect and enhance the character of the A.T. and the Cumberland Valley.
  • Communication network among volunteers, local officials, community residents, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and Appalachian Trail Park Office to build awareness of the Trail, its needs, and potential threats.



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