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Damascus Trail Center



  • Empower visitors, volunteers, local businesses, and the regional economy by connecting people to the region’s outdoor resources.
  • Educate visitors and volunteers through exhibits, interpretation, and programming.
  • Protect the A.T. Landscape by being a hub to learn about environmental stewardship.

The Damascus Trail Center (DTC) connects people to nature. Situated in Damascus, Virginia or “Trail Town, USA,” the Center acts as a regional hub uniting visitors and volunteers with a wide range of outdoor resources in the region. The Center caters to a broad community of people – from experienced outdoor enthusiasts to those who are at the very beginning of building a relationship with nature.

DTC was built to educate, empower, and protect the region’s visitors, volunteers, and communities. DTC educates by focusing on the various principles of responsible recreation and environmental stewardship. High quality exhibits and programming will showcase the nearby landscape and share stories of stewards who protect nearby outdoor spaces. Instilling a sense of stewardship will be the foundation for programming and activities at The Center. DTC empowers by promoting volunteerism, community building, and connections to and stewardship of the region’s outdoor assets. Finally, DTC protects local outdoor spaces, providing a destination where the relationship between the region and its outdoor resources can be fully explored, and where people can learn how to develop closer a connection to the outdoors.


Facility information

  • 2,100 Square feet
  • 1,000 Square feet of outdoor programming space
  • .41 acre lot in the heart of “Trail Town, USA”
  • Hands on learning and training workshop.


  • Winter 2020: Groundbreaking
  • Winter 2021: Facility construction complete
  • Spring 2021: Site work complete
  • Summer/Fall/Winter 2021: Interior and exterior buildout
  • Spring/ Summer 2022: Grand opening*

* Any COVID-19 guidelines and policies will be
posted onsite per state and federal guidance

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the Damascus Trail Center, please contact [email protected]