Trail Update

Appalachian Trail Grows to 2,194.3 Miles in 2022

November 19, 2021

There is officially more of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) to love in 2022, with its official length becoming 2,194.3 miles!

The total length of the A.T. typically changes slightly each year due to footpath relocations and more precise measurement techniques. The 1.2-mile increase for 2022 was due to three significant relocations in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and on the Connecticut/New York Border.

Connecticut/New York Border (0.4 mile added)

Completed in mid-September by volunteers with the Appalachian Mountain Club Connecticut Chapter, this relocation on Schaghticoke Mountain begins just south of the New York/Connecticut line and parallels the previous route of the A.T. to a point just north of the Schaghticoke Mountain Campsite. This relocation completely removes the trail from privately held lands and moves it to permanently-protected NPS lands.

Palmerton, Pennsylvania (0.5 mile added)

The A.T. has returned to its original route along the North Trail near Palmerton, Pennsylvania. The Keystone Trails Association and the ATC converted the North Trail’s blue blazes to A.T. white blazes. Hikers will once again be able to take in the incredible views of Lehigh Gorge on their A.T. hikes. This reroute is part of a multi-year Trail-relocation project, which will help ensure this section of the A.T. is built to modern trail sustainability standards, and preserve some of Pennsylvania’s best views for future A.T. hikers.

Loudoun Heights, West Virginia (0.3 mile added)

Under construction since 2014, this reroute is designed using modern Trail-building techniques to minimize erosion and provide a more stable pathway for hikers descending into/ascending out of Harpers Ferry.

How many miles of the A.T. will you hike in 2022? No matter how many miles of the A.T. you plan to hike in 2022, we hope you will join us in thanking the hardworking crews and volunteers who helped make these needed improvements and relocations possible.

See you down the (1.2-miles longer) Trail!