October 22, 2021

Trailway News: The Second Century

The chill of winter has arrived at the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.)! On October 20, Baxter State Park announced that all Katahdin trails, including the Hunt Trail (which the A.T. follows to Baxter Peak), are closed due to winter conditions. This seasonal closure helps protect fragile alpine environments and keeps hikers safe when trail markings are obscured.


The closure of Katahdin also marks, for many, an end to the A.T. northbound thru-hiking season. For all of those who were able to experience a long-distance hike on the Trail this year, whether in part or in whole, we hope you had a safe and successful journey!


Illustration by John Amoss

Illustration by John Amoss

The A.T. in Its Second Century

By Daniel Anthony Howe

“As we look back over a century since the Trail was first envisioned by Benton MacKaye, we ask ourselves: What will it take to conserve the Trail for another century (and beyond)?

What does the Appalachian Trail mean to the East, to the country, and to the world in the next century of its existence? The experience of the first 100 years sets us up to move toward a new vision — a truly regional ethic of conservation, economic health, stewardship of the natural world, and fellowship among the broad and diverse array of humanity surrounding the Appalachian Mountains.

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This article was first published in the Fall 2021 A.T. Journeys magazine.


Trails Connect

Our Trails Connect series asks hikers, volunteers, ATC staff members, and others about their experiences on the Trail, what the A.T. means to them, and how we can move forward into another century of conservation.


Fred Tutman

Trail Leader & Volunteer

“I am fascinated by the A.T. and, like the river I protect in my day job as a riverkeeper, every bend in the river or every bend in the Trail offers something precious and unique that is intriguing and never quite the same twice.”


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From Trauma to Dream Clarence Stein (left) and Benton MacKaye in the garden of Washington, D.C.’s Cosmos Club in 1964. Photo from ATC’s Archives.

From Trauma to Dream

By Larry Anderson

Before he shared his vision for the A.T. with the world, Benton MacKaye experienced many hardships in his career and personal life. These events, occurring in parallel with the nation’s political, economic and cultural events, shaped the steps MacKaye had to take to create the legacy we see today – the Appalachian Trail.

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This article was first published in the Fall 2021 A.T. Journeys magazine.


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