November 4, 2022

Trailway News: Sweet Dreams of the A.T.

The 2022 Appalachian Trail (A.T.) thru-hiking season is nearing its end. Katahdin has closed for the season, and the number of southbound and flip-flop thru-hikers passing through the ATC Headquarters & Visitor Center in Harpers Ferry has slowed to a trickle.

To the hikers who accomplished their goal of becoming 2,000-milers this year: a huge congratulations from all of us at the ATC! We hope that it was an adventure of a lifetime. Don’t forget: submit your 2,000-miler application to the ATC to be entered into our records and receive a certificate in recognition of your achievement.

For those who are trekking on toward their goal in 2022, whether it’s the culmination of a multiyear section hike, a full thru-hike, or just taking your first steps on the Trail, we wish you good luck on the rest of your journey!

2,000-Miler Application


Sweet Dreams: Choosing a Sleeping Bag for the A.T.

Chilly fall weather is officially here, which means planning for cold-weather backpacking trips is front-and-center in many A.T. hikers’ minds. In addition to gathering the other 10 Essentials, choosing the best sleeping bag for you is a priority for having a safe and comfortable overnight trip on the A.T.

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Don’t Forget: Be Safe During Fall Hunting Seasons

Multiple big game hunting seasons begin this fall, and since hunting is allowed on many of the public lands that the A.T. passes through, extra safety precautions are essential for both hunters and hikers.


Wearing blaze orange gear is essential when traveling through areas that allow hunting. Check out our collection of blaze orange gear to help ensure you’re seen — all Ultimate A.T. Store® proceeds fund our mission to protect, manage, and advocate for the Trail!

Blaze Orange Mesh A.T. Hiking Vest $16

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Trail Updates


Multiple areas on the A.T. in Tennessee remain closed to camping due to recent reports of aggressive bears interacting with visitors. While no injuries have been reported, A.T. visitors should practice extreme caution and plan their camping trips accordingly.


Though temperatures have dropped throughout the A.T. landscape, there have been multiple recent reports of ticks being active in most Trail states. Hikers should continue to take proactive steps in preventing illnesses transmitted through tick bites, including Lyme Disease.


In Other News…

Uprooted – The latest episode from our friends at The Green Tunnel Podcast explores the history of the people who lived in the Shenandoah Mountains long before the A.T. was conceived, and how these people were displaced during the formation of Shenandoah National Park.

Flying High in Lehigh Gap – Only In Your State profiles the Lehigh Gap Nature Area, one of the most well-known areas on the A.T. in Pennsylvania. Bonus: learn more about the work being done to improve the sustainability and user experience on the Trail in this area.

There Can Be Only One – Trailrunner tackles the age-old argument among A.T. hikers: which snack bars taste the best?

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