February 4, 2022

Trailway News: Love Letters to the Trail

Throughout February, we are excited to feature your Love Letters to the A.T., which will highlight the many ways that people fell in love with the Trail, and what keeps that love going year after year. Thank you to everyone who submitted to this series! We begin this series with two inspiring stories:


“The A.T. is a mirror into my soul. I am made of these mountains and rivers. The dirt path I fell in love with during 2014 has led me to many beautiful places, including my trailblazing husband, an old cabin we call home, and myself.” Amber Adams Niven



“Hiking and caring for the A.T. over these forty years have enriched my life so deeply I have come to believe that the beauty, the friendships, the work, the “trail magic,” and life itself come from Love itself.” Heather Warren



Join us next week for more stories of love and inspiration shared directly by the A.T. community of hikers, doers, and dreamers.

Now Hiring: Vice President of Regional and Trail Operations

As the A.T. enters the second century since its conception, we also enter a new era for Trail conservation and protection. In order to meet the needs and challenges ahead, the ATC has created a new executive-level position — Vice President of Regional and Trail Operations.

This role will help move multiple key ATC priorities forward including advancing regional and trail-wide management strategies for increased visitation, ensuring volunteer opportunities are open and available to all, and building even stronger relationships with partners new and old.

In addition to this new position, Laura Belleville, ATC’s current Vice President of Conservation, will move into a newly-defined role of Vice President of Conservation and Policy with primary responsibility overseeing landscape conservation projects, natural resource management, and our federal policy and legislative work. These two positions will work together, along with our volunteer leadership corps, to help ensure the A.T. continues to provide a world-class hiking experience for all of its visitors for the next century and beyond.

For more information and to apply for this key position, please visit our careers page.


Hiking Information

Temporary Visitor Center Closure: The Harpers Ferry Visitor Center will be temporarily closed for pre-spring cleaning starting tomorrow, February 5.

Don’t Feed the Bears: Before hitting the Trail this year, learn about proper food storage methods that will not only help protect your food but also help prevent negative encounters with bears and other wildlife.

Become a Visitor Center Volunteer: Our Visitor Services team is looking for volunteers in our visitor centers in Harpers FerryBoiling SpringsMonson, and Damascus.

Community Spotlight

Happy Trails!

Thank you for your continued support and the love you express for the Trail!