April 22, 2022

Trailway News: Happy Earth Day

To us at the ATC, every day is Earth Day! Even so, this special day reminds people around the world how important it is to protect the environment, live sustainably, and give back to our planet. As a volunteer, supporter, or advocate for the Appalachian Trail (A.T.), you are helping to make the world and the A.T. a more wonderful place.

Celebrate Earth Day by pledging to care for the A.T. and our planet. As a thank you for taking our Earth Day pledge, we will send you a free ATC sticker!

Here are just a few of the awe-inspiring submissions we’ve received so far, pledging to care for the Earth and the A.T. by:

  • Volunteering to pick up trash, spreading the word about Leave No Trace principles and sharing how beautiful this world is when we take care of it. – Chloe S.
  • Dedicating my life and career to conserving and protecting this beautiful land we call home! – Bri N.
  • Sticking to the Trail and not taking/creating an alternative route that would disturb wildlife surrounding the Trail. – Ethan T.
  • Volunteering to do trail maintenance and remove any trash I find on the Trail. – Larry W.

How will you give back to the Trail and the planet? Make your pledge today by clicking below!

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It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week

Each year, thousands of dedicated individuals take time out of their lives to give back to the Trail. Thanks to their hard work, the A.T. continues to be open and accessible for all. From all of us at the ATC, our sincere thanks go out to the incredible force of A.T. volunteers!

Clockwise from top left: Donna Chapman; Diane Petrilla, M.D.; Emily Sellards; Joe Morris



7 Reasons to Volunteer for the A.T.

All 2,194.3 miles of the Trail represent the dedication of volunteers who’ve poured out hours of sweat and effort to protect and maintain it. Here are seven reasons why people volunteer for the A.T. and how you can get involved, too.



In Other News…

Flip Flop Festival – Celebrate the A.T. with us tomorrow at the Flip Flop Festival (April 23-24) in Bolivar and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia! For a full schedule of workshops and events, click here.

Washington Monument Closure – Per the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Washington Monument in Middletown, Maryland, (NOBO Mile 1045.8) will be closed until further notice for scheduled maintenance to the roadway. The A.T. will remain open through the closure.

Apply for the Emerging Leaders’ Summit – The ATC is hosting its Emerging Leaders’ Summit as part of the A.T. Vista event this August 5-7. Apply to be a part of a diverse cohort of leaders, ages 18-35, looking to expand skills and stewardship for the outdoors through connection, action, and expression. Selected participants will receive a scholarship covering lodging, meals, and registration costs.


Community Spotlight

Happy Trails!

Thank you for your continued support and the love you express for the Trail!