Trailway News: Happy Birthday to Us!

Trailway News | March 3, 2023 | Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Photo by Michael “Ishkabibbel” Nieves at Fontana Dam Shelter

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) turns 98 today! Since our founding, the ATC has been a voice for the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). Thanks to supporters and Trail lovers like you, we’ve been able to continue protecting, managing, and advocating for the A.T.

In this edition of Trailway News, celebrate our 98th birthday and the start of Women’s History Month with us, plus get ready to submit your photos for the next state in our State-by-State Photo Contest – North Carolina!

The ATC turns 98! A white blaze in the foreground with hikers in the background

Photo by Horizonline Pictures

98 Years of Protecting the Appalachian Trail

The ATC turns 98 today, March 3, 2023. In the past 98 years, we’ve worked to protect the A.T. footpath and surrounding lands, grow the A.T. community into a thriving group of Trail advocates, and set the Trail up for its next century with the support of many along the way.

In order to continue our work for another 98 years, we need you. Help us ensure the A.T. is protected for generations to come by making a donation to the Trail today.

Give Back to the Trail

An all-women Trail Crew form the Konnarock archives

An all-women Trail crew from the Konnarock archives

March is Women’s History Month

The A.T. would not exist today without the devotion of thousands of women dedicated to protecting and celebrating our public lands. This Women’s History Month, the ATC is celebrating the women who have impacted the A.T. and Trail community.

Read about how women of different ages, backgrounds, and hiking experiences find strength, solace, and harmony with their femininity in each A.T. hike in this article by Jennifer Pharr Davis.

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Prepare for Changing Seasons with Our Latest TikTok


Our Information Services Manager, Caitlin Miller, breaks down tips to stay safe as cold weather continues on the A.T.

Even as we approach spring, the weather can be unpredictable on the Trail, and it’s important to be prepared before setting out.

Watch our latest TikTok (no account needed!) for more information about how to have safe and enjoyable adventures on the Trail.

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A woman sits on a grassy hill in North Carolina

Submit Your North Carolina Photos for a Chance to Win

We want to highlight the unique character and beauty of the A.T. as it passes through each state — and we need your help to do it! Next up in our State-by-State Photo Contest is North Carolina! Send us your photos from the Tar Heel state by March 19 for a chance to win!

Looking forward to submitting photos for another state? Review the dates for each state’s submission window.

Bonus: Check out some of our favorites from Georgia!

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Trail Updates


Mud season is here. As the snow begins to melt, sections of the A.T. can become extremely muddy. Learn how to plan and prepare for mud season.

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Ticks are becoming active earlier in the year. Scientists found a tick weeks ahead of schedule in Delaware. Ticks exist in all 14 states that the A.T. runs through. Learn how to protect yourself from tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease.

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Konnarock Crew needs you. There are still a few open sessions for the Konnarock Trail Crew! If you’ve been thinking about joining a Trail Crew, now is the perfect time. You’ll make lifelong memories and friends while protecting the Trail for future generations. Plus, tools, training, and meals are all provided!

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In Other News…

Learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities in The Register – Subscribe to get The Register newsletter for all things volunteering and stewardship on the A.T.

A.T. Kick-Off is this weekend – Don’t miss A.T. Kick-Off Weekend at the Amicalola Falls State Park lodge. The free event includes presentations, activities, and a chance to socialize with other hikers.

The Peace Pilgrim continues to inspire A.T. hikers – In a recent article for The Trek, author Beth Malchus Stafa shares how Peace Pilgrim (the woman who walked back and forth across the U.S. in the name of peace) inspired her A.T. hike.

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@thetravelingskunk celebrates the start of thru-hiking season on the A.T.
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Happy Trails!

Thank you for your continued support and the love you express for the Trail!

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