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Barren Mountain in the 100 Mile Wilderness.

Barren Mountain in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Photo by Eddie “EdBeard” O’Leary 

It’s still cold out on the Appalachian Trail (A.T.), but our new TikTok is a great way to warm up your scrolling thumb! Keep reading to learn more about our new TikTok, how we’re celebrating the start of Black History Month, and more.

The ATC is Now On TikTok

Photo of an iPhone in someone's hand. On the phone screen, the ATC's first TikTok plays between the TikTok logo and ATC logo.

Follow us @appalachiantrail for short videos that showcase the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and the work of the ATC as we carry out our mission to protect, manage, and advocate for the Trail.

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Photo by Elizabeth Wisecarver of Derick Lugo, author of The Unlikely Thru Hiker

Photo by Elizabeth Wisecarver of Derick Lugo, author of The Unlikely Thru Hiker

February is Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to honor the triumphs and struggles of Black Americans and reflect on the racial history of the A.T. and ATC. Like many other outdoor spaces, the A.T. has a complicated and often segregated history.  In our push toward a more inclusive Trail, we continue to learn and share the histories at the intersections of race and the A.T.

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2023 A.T. Hangtags Are Here!


Hiker hangtags are designed for aspiring thru-hikers and section hikers working on covering the entire A.T. Register your hike on and participate in a Start Smart/Leave No Trace presentation at one of the following locations to receive a hangtag:

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Hiker takes in the view of mist-shrouded mountains

Photo by Joana Barraza

Your A.T. Questions Answered

How long is the A.T. exactly? What does the ATC do? Where do I park for my hike? You’ve got A.T. questions, and we’ve got answers. Head over to our new FAQ page to see the most common questions about the Trail and about the ATC.

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Trail Updates


A highway improvement project near Robbinsville, NC will affect the A.T. crossing at U.S. Highway 143/Stecoah Gap (NOBO mile 150.5).  Passage across US Highway 143 will be possible, but Trail users may be delayed while waiting for vehicles to pass and for permission from road flaggers to safely proceed. Part of the project includes building a land bridge over the highway to provide safer passage for wildlife and hikers alike.

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Register your upcoming hikes on Whether you’re setting out to hike the whole A.T. or planning some overnight trips this year, is a great resource to register your hike and get Trail updates and information.

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In Other News…

Walking off grief on the Appalachian Trail – One thru-hiker shares their experience processing the loss of their best friend during their NOBO hike.

Remember LNT principle #3 when going #2 – Backpacker Magazine shares a reminder about the importance of properly handling your waste when you’re out on the Trail.

Rain doesn’t have to be a pain – As the days get longer, late winter and spring rain showers will be all but unavoidable on the Trail. Read up on some of The Trek’s tips on dealing with rain.

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@cantorphoto captures the view of a Maine ridgeline in the hazy light from wildfires

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