September 24, 2021

Trailway News: Changing of the Seasons

Welcome, Autumn! This past Wednesday (September 22) marked the transition from hot summer days to the beginning of crisp aired mornings. And this upcoming Saturday (September 25) ushers in one of the largest single-day volunteer events in the United States – National Public Lands Day. Whether you are looking to get outside to enjoy the cooler weather or to give back to the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) here are some ways to be prepared and recreate responsibly:

  • Plan Ahead & Prepare – As you plan your hike and pull together your pack, make sure you have what you need for a safe journey. This could mean additional clothing layers, gloves, and a flashlight.
  • Campfires – As temperatures along the A.T. begin to cool down, sitting around a campfire can be a great way to end the day for group bonding, warmth and lighting. Keep in mind that campfires are not permitted along some parts of the Trail and/or have regulations restricting fires to designated sites only.
  • Leave No Trace – Minimize the impact to the Trail by packing out what you pack in, respect wildlife you may encounter by maintaining a safe distance, and be considerate of other visitors that are also enjoying the fall foliage.
  • Make the A.T. Better – Find ways to volunteer, donate, and advocate for the Trail.


Photo by Louis Mason Photography

Ritual of the Trail

Packing up everything he owned, signing up with The Student Conservation Association (SCA), and joining a Baxter State Park trail crew, writer Michael Garrigan provides a glimpse into stewarding the Trail for future generations.


Hike Through History with The Green Tunnel Podcast

A new podcast is arriving this October! Hosted by one of our longtime friends, Mills Kelly, The Green Tunnel is a podcast that focuses on the history of the A.T. and those that made it what it is today. You can listen to episodes wherever you listen to podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Listen In

The Green Tunnel is a production of R2 Studios™ at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. 

Happenings Along the Trail


September 2021 Volunteer Spotlight

Congrats to our September Volunteer of the Month – Marit Anderson! Marit is an A.T. section hiker, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) section maintainer, hike and work trip leader, co-founder of Wild East Women (WEW), among her many roles.



Crossing the Kennebec

Another season of the Kennebec River Ferry is almost at an end. A.T. hikers that are looking to use the ferry during the regular season (which is free) have until September 30, 2021, to cross. Pending availability, service outside of the regular season can be arranged with the Ferry Operator directly. Do not try to ford the Kennebec River for your own safety.

Thank you to Hydro Flask for supporting this project!



Monson A.T. Visitor Center Updates

Due to a change in staffing, the A.T. Visitor Center in Monson, Maine, will be closing for the season on October 10, 2021.

The Visitor Center is currently open Wednesdays-Sundays from 8-11 a.m. and 1-5 p.m.


Community Spotlight

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Happy Trails!

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