February 18, 2022

Trailway News: A Salve for the Heart and Soul

As we head into the weekend, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) is proud to share this piece with you from the Winter 2022 issue of A.T. Journeys, our official membership magazine.

Elizabeth McGowen writes, “On sunny days in Georgia, when delicate flowers known as bluets optimistically poked through rock crevices in the middle of the Trail, I would lift my face skyward and ask if this splendor ever had to end.”



Love Letters to the A.T.

Inspiring for all ages, the A.T. creates cherished memories for visitors that wander onto the footpath and its surrounding landscape.


“We (“Beast Master” and I) decided where we would go on the A.T. that we hadn’t been before. It was more about seeing something new than about any kind of actual plan to complete the entire Trail.” 
John Potter



“There isn’t just one story of how I fell in love with the A.T; there are hundreds of them. I can’t say that I enjoy getting up in the dark but living by the rhythm of daylight was one of the things that captured me while I was on Trail.” 
Terry Rice



Check back next week for more stories from our Love Letters to the A.T. series.

#1 Priority: Safety on the A.T.

Emergencies happen to even the most well-prepared and experienced hikers. Before you head out, make sure you have the equipment and knowledge you need to stay healthy and safe, no matter if your hike is a couple of miles or several hundred.


In Other News…

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For the Love Of: Earlier this week, the Recreate Responsibly Coalition launched their #ForTheLoveOf campaign to spread the word about caring and sharing love for public lands.

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Happy Trails!

Thank you for your continued support and the love you express for the Trail!