Pennsylvania – Threat to Dogs – Lehigh Gap

Hiking Safety



There has been a report of dog treats embedded with fish hooks found along the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) between George W. Outerbridge Shelter and Lehigh Gap (NOBO miles 1,260.3 to 1,260.9). See photo below. A.T. visitors with their dogs should use caution in this area of the Trail, including leashing your dog and ensuring it does not eat anything off of the ground.

If you encounter any dog treats with fish hooks or anything else embedded in them on the A.T. in this area, please notify local law enforcement and submit an Incident Report. Use caution and gloves to pack out this or any other trash along the A.T.

If you suspect that your dog has ingested something dangerous while on the A.T., contact the nearest veterinarian immediately. Options near Lehigh Gap include:

  • Eastern PA Veterinary Medical Center in Allentown (24 hour emergency services): 610-904-1776
  • Little Gap Animal Hospital in Palmerton: 610-826-2793
  • Blue Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Walnutport: 610-767-4896
  • Cherryville Animal Hospital in Walnutport: 610-767-7505

Photo taken by Lehigh Gap Nature Center