NC/TN – Bear Activity – Rube Rock Trail




The ATC received a report of a food conditioned bear at the Appalachian Trail’s (A.T.) intersection with the Rube Rock Trail (NOBO mile 251.2). The bear was persistent in its pursuit of food, returning several times despite being chased off and eventually got hiker food from an Ursack.

Hikers should exercise caution in this area, properly store all food and scented items, keep a clean camp, pack out all trash and food waste, and never leave food unattended – even for a moment such as a quick trip to the privy or to check out a view.

The ATC strongly recommends that all overnight hikers use a bear canister for the duration of their time on the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). Bear canisters are the surest and most flexible means of food storage for camping along the A.T. to ensure that bears do not access human food.

Learn more about bear canisters and bear safety on the A.T. here. Report bear encounters via ATC’s Bear Encounter Report Form.