Connecticut – Shelter Closures – Riga and Brassie Brook Shelters (UPDATED 8/11/22)

Shelter Closure


UPDATE 08/11/2022

The demolition of the old Brassie Brook Shelter (NOBO mile 1,508.3) has officially begun, and the immediate area is closed until the construction of the new shelter is complete (ETA late October). Any visitors are asked to avoid standing on/near or touching any parts of the shelter that have not yet been removed. Please camp away from the shelter in designated camping areas — these campsites, the area picnic table, and the privy remain open for visitor use. Please also avoid touching any material covered with tarps. These precautions will help ensure everyone’s safety and the protection of the new shelter’s materials.

These projects are also scheduled to receive building supplies via helicopter delivery on either September 17 or 18, depending on weather conditions. The areas surrounding Brassie Brook and Riga Shelters, including campsites and privies, will be closed during the hours of the delivery. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

A big thanks to the crew for their hard work over the next few months to update these well-loved shelters!


The Connecticut chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, which maintains the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) in Connecticut, will be replacing two A.T. shelters over the coming weeks.

Both Riga Shelter (NOBO mile 1,507.1) and Brassie Brook Shelter (NOBO mile 1,508.3) are over 40 years old and due for replacement. The demolition of the current structures is scheduled to begin on August 10 with Brassie Brook Shelter followed by the demolition of Riga Shelter on September 3.

The project is expected to run until the end of October. While the new shelters are being constructed, the camping areas and privies at both locations will remain open for use. Hikers should stay out of the immediate construction zones around each shelter and plan to camp in the nearby designated areas. We will update this notice when the project is complete.

For more information about the Connecticut chapter and to get involved, visit: