by Sara Haxby

Visitor Center Volunteers

Unlike many National Parks, where staff and volunteers greet visitors at the entry gate, the Appalachian Trail relies on Visitor Center volunteers to introduce the public to the Appalachian Trail. Thousands of volunteers give hundreds of thousands of hours every year to keep the Trail open. Visitor Center volunteers give thousands of hours every year to keep the doors open.

There are three Visitor Centers on the Trail, all in designated A.T. Communities: Monson, ME, Boiling Springs, PA, Harpers Ferry, WV. A fourth is planned for Damascus, VA.

Visitor center volunteers contribute in many ways, including: greeting visitors; answering questions about the Trail, ATC or the community; helping people plan their next adventure; handling sales; processing memberships and renewals; assembling packets awarded to 2,000 miler applicants; and encouraging folks to learn more about ways they can give back like participating in a work trip or joining an A.T. Community.

If you have an interest in volunteering at a Visitor Center, find volunteer positions at