Tool Talk

Tips on carrying, using, and storing tools.

Carrying Tools

Always be sure to:

  • Wear gloves
  • Carry tools in hand with arms at sides
  • Never carry tools propped on your shoulder
  • Carry tools on the downhill side of trail
  • Carry the heaviest or most dangerous tool on the downhill side
  • Maintain a safe distance between people

Using Tools

Always be sure to:

  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Check tools for damage
  • Use proper stance for good ergonomics
  • Have secure footing before using tools
  • Maintain a safe working distance between people
  • Use tools in a motion parallel to your body
  • Lift with your legs
  • Think about the consequences of every move

Storing Tools

When storing tools, always be sure to:

  • Store all tools on uphill side of work area
  • Never sink tools into the ground or stumps