by Natrieifia Miller

Bringing Science to Trail Sustainability Efforts

In his presentation during the 2015 A.T. Biennial, Dr. Jeff Marion, Adjunct Professor in the Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation Department at Virginia Tech, founding member of the Appalachian Trail Stewardship Council, as well as founding Board Member of the Leave No Trace Center, ​discusses the research of sustainable trail best-practices.

Unlike the literature of many other management fields: water, forest, wildlife, forest fire, etc.; trails literature is rarely based on scientific ​fact. By pairing results from this recently tapped area of study with the “dirt under the fingernails” experience of long time trail maintainers, Dr. Marion believes maintainers will be able to create trails that can be sustained for longer than just 50-100​ years.

For a better look at the slides Jeff uses in this presentation please click this link.

Jeff Marion ATC Trail Sustainability show, 2015